About MaoCouture Bridal

MaoCouture BridalOwned and operated by designer Anh Mao the bridal store caters to the bride-to-be with a wide range of styles of wedding gowns, mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaids. Because Anh is a designer she can custom design your dream wedding gown to your specifications and if not sure of what you want Anh can help you choose a dress style that will make you shine on your wedding day.

From style to fabric to design to fitting, MaoCouture Bridal is able to provide you with a wedding gown design service second to none. While MaoCouture is well-known for being the place to go in for wedding gowns Anh also designs and makes evening gowns for any occasion. Her clients travel from all over the country to have Anh design that one-of-a-kind special gown for them. By also addressing the needs of the mother-of-the-bride and the bridesmaids, MaoCouture is a one-stop shop for the entire bridal party, making it easy to have everyone looking spectacular on that special day. Anh will take your ideas, make a sketch and then work with you to design it exactly how you dream it to be. MaoCouture Bridal is open to the public by appointment only.

Anh Mao – Fashion Designer

Anh has over 25 years of fashion design experience, beginning when she received her degree in Textile/Fashion in 1991. She then undertook freelance designing for two fashion companies in London, Wal-G and TFNC before taking up the position of culture facilitator for Chinese Arts Forum for the Arts Council in North East England. When Anh’s contract expired in 2006 she decided to make her dream come true of owning and operating her own fashion design business, MaoCouture.

One of the highlights of Anh’s career to date has been her involvement with Miss England, both as a designer and a judge. She also designed the eveningwear wardrobe for Miss England 2007 to wear in the Miss World pageant.

Anh has a natural flair for knowing the right style for every bride-to-be, and while input from her clients is crucial she is also able to make suggestions to take a dress design idea from beautiful to spectacular. Brides-to-be can be challenging to please simply because they want their wedding gown to be perfect, and Anh understands this need and is able to work with her clients to achieve the dream gown they are looking for.

Since opening MaoCouture in 2006 Anh Mao has outfitted hundreds of brides-to-be, mothers-of-the-bride, bridesmaids and women who need an evening gown for a special occasion. Her designs are spectacular and the quality and workmanship of her gowns is top of the line. Many of the brides she designs dresses for are so pleased with the style, design and quality of their wedding gowns that they invite Anh to their wedding to see them in it! “One of the weddings that I was invited was on Valentines’s Day. It was so sweet that they chose 14 February to be their wedding day. In the spirit of the Valentine’s Day I received a symbolic gift from the young family. I really did not expect it. I received the best Valentine gift. On the one hand I saw the bride’s happiness from her wedding dress and on the other hand I got such attention from them.”, says Anh. While she cannot attend every wedding she is invited to her clients will often send photographs to show her how spectacular they look in an original MaoCouture Bridal design.

Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

Choosing the Right Type of Wedding Planner

wedding dressYou don’t just want to look beautiful on your wedding day; you want to look spectacular! One of the crucial elements to being the most beautiful bride you can be on your special day is choosing the right wedding dress. With so many styles, designs and fabrics to choose from it can be overwhelming to find your dream wedding gown. The following tips will help you find the perfect dress for you to glide down the aisle in.

Research designs – Before you even think about stepping into a bridal shop you should look at as many pictures of wedding dresses as you can to get a sense of the style you would like to wear. You can look through magazines and online to get lots of ideas. Pinterest.com is a great site to see thousands of images of wedding dresses from the simplest styles to the most elaborate. Once you have narrowed down your choices you will be a lot closer to finding your dream dress, and will be able to give the bridal shop an idea of what you are looking for.

plannerA good wedding planner is worth his or her weight in gold, but did you know that there are different types of wedding planners? You probably thought that a wedding planner was a wedding planner and that was all there was to it. When considering which wedding planner to hire it will be very helpful to know what type of wedding planner you want. The following is a list of the types of wedding planners available, with descriptions of what each of their services entails.

All-inclusive – This is the wedding planner that essentially takes your ideas and runs with them, leaving you to relax and just focus on mentally preparing for the big day. Every little detail will be handled by this type of wedding planner so that essentially all you have to do is choose a dress, shoes and headgear, and then turn up to the chapel on time. This is the ideal wedding planner to have if you really have very little idea of how to put a wedding together, or you are pushed for time. Their experience and contacts make it easier for them to orchestrate the entire proceedings from the smallest detail to the last guest leaving the reception.

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