Choosing the Right Type of Wedding Planner

plannerA good wedding planner is worth his or her weight in gold, but did you know that there are different types of wedding planners? You probably thought that a wedding planner was a wedding planner and that was all there was to it. When considering which wedding planner to hire it will be very helpful to know what type of wedding planner you want. The following is a list of the types of wedding planners available, with descriptions of what each of their services entails.

All-inclusive – This is the wedding planner that essentially takes your ideas and runs with them, leaving you to relax and just focus on mentally preparing for the big day. Every little detail will be handled by this type of wedding planner so that essentially all you have to do is choose a dress, shoes and headgear, and then turn up to the chapel on time. This is the ideal wedding planner to have if you really have very little idea of how to put a wedding together, or you are pushed for time. Their experience and contacts make it easier for them to orchestrate the entire proceedings from the smallest detail to the last guest leaving the reception.

A la Carte – Wedding planners have an extensive list of services they are willing to undertake on your behalf but if you want to plan some or many of the details yourself but just want someone to handle the final aspects of the wedding you can work with a wedding planner who will pull everything together for you. This is a great wedding planner to have if you are working with a strict budget but still want the professional guidance and advice of someone who knows their way around wedding preparations.

Destination – Planning on getting married far away from your home town/city? Then a destination wedding planner is the one you need to rely on ensuring all the details are taken care of. You will likely spend considerable time communicating via phone and email in order to get everything the way you want it but having a destination wedding planner will help you avoid having to drive/fly back and forth in order to arrange everything yourself. Getting married in another country almost always requires the services of a destination wedding planner to insure your wedding day goes just as you planned.

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Month-of – When you are handling most of the details yourself it can get very stressful in the last few weeks prior to the big day. Hiring a wedding planner about a month prior to the date can provide a couple with great peace of mind and allow them to concentrate on themselves and what they need to do personally to prepare for married life. This type of wedding planner is adept at stepping in and assessing where you are at with your plans, and tying up any loose ends, dealing with any issues and insuring the day itself proceeds exactly as planned.

Wedding weekend – This type of wedding planner will insure that the wedding day proceeds as it should but will also insure that the rehearsal dinner and any other planned events for family, friends and guests proceed without issue. This is a good wedding planner to have if you have made all the arrangements yourself but want to be able to relax a bit right before the wedding, but at the same time ensure that your guests are well taken care of. This is particularly helpful if you have out-of-town guests coming to the wedding.

Day-of – When you have planned everything down to the last detail but don’t want to be worrying about the details on the actual day, this is the type of planner you want to hire. He or she will likely meet with you a few times prior to the day to insure they have a clear understanding of what has been planned. They will simply step in and take care of the actual day itself so you can focus on getting married.

Hiring a wedding planner truly can make all the difference to how well your wedding is planned and executed. Their expertise at making dream weddings come true is invaluable.